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HI my name is Rich,
I’ve been dj’ing weddings for around 4 years now ,this past year (2017) I dj’ed 53 weddings.

My philosophy when running my little company is to treat the Bride and Groom how I would want to be treated.Professional yet laid back, There is nothing worst then a pushy vendor! I reply to emails/messages within hours ,encourage meetings to sign contracts, email couples every few months just to say hi and let them know I’m there for them if they have questions or need help. Leading up the date I offer to meet up to go over music and if possible I attend the rehearsal, not because I need to but it relieves some stress from the Bride and Groom

On the day of I could talk about all the usual things I do like going around and saying hi to every table , passing out request cards , glow sticks and L.E.D batons for the kids but the thing that sets me apart from any other Dj on the Island is my willingness to do whatever it takes to make the day run smoothly! It could be clearing tables at a backyard wedding, moving tables/chairs, helping with setup, helping grandma down the stairs or even babysitting a sleeping baby while the bridesmaid is socializing during cocktail hour. I’ve been told before by a bride that I was the “swiss army knife” of her wedding!

While my prices are very affordable I do not cut corners with my equipment or setup. My setup is extremely clean and professional. Everything is scrimmed and I run a facade. My lighting is all L.E.D and computer programmed (DMX) I also show up to venues with a trailer full of backup speakers, lights,computers,stands,extension cords etc. (see equipment list  )

Feel free to Contact me for a no pressure quote